"I need a big flat tv." - Holden Kim


After winning the Grand Prix at Rising Star Awards in 2000, Holden set out to start his filmmaking career. He won more awards along the way with his narrative work in film competitions which inspired him to move to New York and start working as a self-employed videographer. When he discovered his passion for editing later, he returned to Raleigh, North Carolina and worked as an in-house editor at post houses.

Holden now works in Seattle, Washington as a freelance editor/motion designer and focuses on exploring creative direction with an emphasis on storytelling and implementing motion design to achieve effective message delivery. His strong ability to find and construct stories, a proven track record of award-winning experiences, and his expertise in motion graphics set him apart from the rest as the one you can trust and rely on for post-production work.

He loves coffee, cortado to be exact - espresso covered with an equal amount of steamed milk on top (Fun fact: "cortado" comes from Spain and it means "to cut" in Spanish. It sure sounds like an editor's coffee). Its simple, strong flavor topped with a touch of elegance is very much like his approach to editing and motion design. If you want Holden to work with you on your next project, or if you just want to hang out and have a good cup of coffee, send him an email.


Holden is also a a co-founder of Starring Jesus, a ministry that makes short documentary-style films that tell stories about missionaries working abroad. All travels and videos are self-funded and self-produced.

His passion for making films traveling the world has continually grown, and he currently works as a video producer at World Vision.

ways to connect

The quickest way to reach and talk to me for any inquiries is to text me via iMessages. I can answer you in a matter of minutes.

Call/Text/Facetime 919-602-4936
Email hi@holdenkim.me
Twitter @holdenkim
Instagram @holdenkim

Selected clients

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Tech Data
VF Corporation
UNC Healthcare
Peace Corps
World Vision

Red Hat
Duke Medicine
American Cancer Society